Update: Insurance Claim

This is the first update since my update on September 24, 2020.

In the September update, it was reported that the recommendation was to proceed with demanding the Appraisal process of claim settlement. The Moonspinner Board approved proceeding with this. The Moonspinner has selected an appraiser to represent the Moonspinner, and the insurance company has selected an appraiser to represent them. Both sides have approved of the other side’s Appraiser, and the process is moving forward. Currently, the appraisers have met, and are exchanging pertinent information. Also, the Appraisers have agreed on an Umpire that will ultimately arbitrate the two sides. The Umpire is a retired Florida judge with significant experience in arbitrating such cases. We are also currently waiting for the Appraisers to sign off on an agreed award format.

The Appraisers will meet at the Moonspinner for the first onsite meeting on December 9, 2020, to review the claim issues, and become familiar with the Moonspinner property. Pat Garret and I will also meet with them onsite on that date.

Following that meeting, they will continue to review existing reports and evaluations and are then currently scheduled to meet onsite on January 12 & 13, January 26 & 27, and February 2 & 3.

Following these meetings/evaluations, one or more meetings will be scheduled for the Appraisers and the Umpire to meet onsite. This will be the first onsite visit by the Umpire. Following this/these meeting(s), the Umpire will review the claim, make final decisions, and issue a statement of the final claim settlement. The Moonspinner will then expect a settlement check, hopefully in March, but could be later.

Bob Reeves

Moonspinner HOA President

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