Update from BOD Meeting

Just a quick update to cover high points from the February 8th Board Meeting.

First and foremost, I am pleased to report that the Board has promoted Jackie Wysong from Rental Manager to General Manager. Jackie has accepted the position, and it is effective immediately. Moonspinner will employ a licensed CAM as a mentor to Jackie for about 6 months while she gets her CAM license, and gets up to speed with the position. We will begin a search for a new Front Desk Manager (previously known as Rental Manager), immediately.

The following is my report that I gave to the Board on the Hurricane Michael claim.

“On February 6, John Craig and Bob Reeves met with Pat Garrett (public adjuster), Jason Peterson (attorney for the Moonspinner insurance claim), George Atchison (Phoenix Coatings owner), and Ralph Atchison (Phoenix Coatings) to discuss the Hurricane Michael claim, and where the claim goes from here.

The next step is the EUO (examination under oath, aka deposition) of Reeves which is scheduled for February 26. The purpose of the EUO is for the insurance company representative to question Reeves about the information that was furnished by the Moonspinner in answer to the insurance company’s claim investigation and associated questions.

After the EUO has been done, it is likely that a “Civil Remedies Notice” will be filed by Peterson which puts the insurance company and the State of Florida on notice that the Moonspinner believes that the insurance company is not moving forward with claim settlement in a fair and timely fashion. A court suit could follow this Notice.

Also following the EUO, Moonspinner representatives will request a mediation meeting with the insurance company representatives to talk through the claim and attempt to reach an agreement on a final settlement. Both parties would have to agree to a claim settlement amount for the mediation to reach a settlement. Either party could refuse to settle at the mediation. Following a failed mediation, either party could force an appraisal method of settlement, or either party could file suit for a court trial.

The appraisal settlement method gives negotiation of settlement to a group of three. One person would advocate for the Moonspinner, one person would advocate for the insurance company, and a third person – such as possibly a retired judge – would serve as the group leader and help reach final decisions. The decision of the appraisal group is final and binding on both parties – on the Moonspinner and on the insurance company. The appraisal method would be expected to take approximately 6 months to reach a final settlement. If the decision is to file for a court case, then the Moonspinner could expect 3 years to reach a settlement.

The Moonspinner representatives would like to reach a settlement through mediation, and failing that would likely choose to force the appraisal process to reach a settlement.” (End of Hurricane Michael insurance claim report.)

John Craig and I met with the MottMacDonald engineers and with two roofing contractors last week. They are answering some questions for us, and we will use these answers to finalize specifications and get new bids. The expectation is that the Board will consider the new bids, and approve the roof project for all three buildings, at the May Board meeting.

The Board meeting went well, and I expect that the Board Secretary will issue meeting minutes soon.

That’s all for now. Thanks for listening.

Bob Reeves HOA President

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