Property Update | July 10, 2020

Moonspinner Owners,

Here is a quick update, as I haven’t given one in quite some time.

We are halfway through the summer and have conquered the biggest day of the year (the 4th of July!) This summer has started off extremely rocky, but the staff and guests are adapting well to the new safety guidelines.

Morgan Quick has stepped into place as the new Maintenance Supervisor in May, after Mike Williamson’s departure. So far, he has battled the water pump pipes bursting in A & B building, taking over the sprinkler system, assisting with the front office remodel, assisting with grounds, a multitude of hot water heater leaks, the transition to an online system for work orders, and many other issues all while short-staffed. It’s a learning experience for both him and I, but he is doing a great job navigating his new position.

The Moonspinner began accepting rentals after the Vacation Rental Ban on June 1st. Covid-19 has really changed the world and considering, the rental program is doing great. The occupancy rate for June of this year is only slightly lower than June of last year (see below). We have taken a “hand’s free” approach to check-ing in guests to protect our staff and guests. A big thanks to Alisa Collins for taking the time to assist us with this transition.

June 2019 Occupant Rate:   82%
June 2020 Occupancy Rate:  76%

To those not on the Moonspinner Rental Program, I have sent a form by email for you to fill out and return. This form is titled “Non-Rental Agency Information” and is important because this is what security will use if they need to contact you. If you choose to rent outside of our rental program, please also fill out the Rental Agency Contact Information Section. By giving security valid information this will improve communication in case of an emergency.

Finally, the webcam is up and running on our website. It is a live-stream so you will be able to watch the sunrise and sunset from anywhere. To do so, go to and click the WEBCAM tab.

I hope everyone is continuing to have a safe and happy summer.

Thank you,

Jackie Wysong

General Manager

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