Owner Update / Meeting Info

Just a quick report today ….

All continues to go well at the Moonspinner. Jackie, Matthew, Mike, and Morgan are keeping everything going well. Once again, congratulations and thanks to them.

The insurance claim settlement continues to drag. Not much new to report here. We will discuss in more detail at the upcoming Board meeting.

We are continuing the search for our General Manager position. We have several promising candidates that have responded to our ads. The Board will consider further next week.

As previously reported, the roof replacement project has been stopped for this winter. John Craig and I have meetings scheduled with MottMacDonald Engineers and two roofing contractors next week, and we will discuss further at the Committee and Board meetings.

The Committee meetings are Friday, February 7; and the Board meeting is Saturday, February 8. A link to all the agendas (with call-in instructions) below. The call-in number is the same for both days. I encourage all owners that cannot attend the meetings to join by phone.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for listening.

Bob Reeves


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