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All Moonspinner Owners:

The Moonspinner Board of Directors has selected Phoenix Coatings to perform our Hurricane Michael repairs. Phoenix has worked on our property many times with good results.

We have recently learned that the streetside bedroom “slider” window does not meet current Building Code requirements for emergency egress. The major issues are that the window sill is too high above the floor and the openings are too small. While the existing windows are “grandfathered” in, when we replace them (during the upcoming hurricane repair project), they must be brought up to current codes.

All that is to say, the window profile, placement, and size will change to comply with today’s building code. I strongly advise you to postpone any redecorating of your streetside bedroom until this work is completed.

At present, we cannot give specifics on timing regarding windows or other modifications. We expect A, B & C Building work to be done after Labor Day 2022 and before Memorial Day 2023 to minimize high season rental disruptions.

Much more detail to come as work plans and schedules are finalized.

Bill Weintritt HOA President

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