Hurricane Michael Update

March 28, 2019

It is past time to give everyone an update on what is being done regarding the Hurricane Michael insurance claim and damage repairs, so here is the latest. Please keep in mind that no firm decisions have been made at this time, but remember that we need to start major repairs sooner than later.

We are in frequent contact with our Public Adjuster, Pat Garrett, as he puts together our insurance claim. The final engineering report is not out, but Pat is working with his professionals getting cost estimates for the various work that he already knows will be required. The expectation is that we will have the claim together and ready for discussion with the insurance company sometime in April. That is not as soon as previously hoped, but Pat is very thorough, and that is to our advantage.

John Craig, Debbie Wheeler, and I met with Bill Perry and Tommie Pitts (both from Mott-MacDonald Engineers) on Tuesday morning, March 26, to discuss next steps toward getting bid packages in 3 areas out to contractors. To move forward with any bid packages, we will need Pat’s completed claim, and his blessing that we can go forward with repair work before insurance settles. Starting work too soon could hurt our claim.

  • The first area discussed was roofing. We expect that much, if not all, of the building roofs will need replacing. Given the issues through the years with so many leaks, we have asked Mott-MacDonald to make a recommendation on roofing changes that will give us a better result. So we have tabled roofing until we get this information from them.

  • The second issue was the bid package for the replacement of storefront glass systems (frames and glass) in the penthouses. Once again, we are awaiting the engineering report, how it is addressed in the insurance claim, and when/how to best move forward with a bid package.

  • The third item discussed was a large bid package which would include the work that we bid last fall but did not award a contract, and also include work on “A” Building – which we believe is the building with the most damage, and so should be repaired first. We are discussing TENTATIVELY beginning work on “A” Building in September of this year (later in the fall could be a possibility). This work will be extensive and will include outside walls, walkways and carpet, spalling, and possibly railing and window replacement. Several decisions will need to be made, remembering that whatever we decide for “A” will likely be the same for “B” and “C”. This work will likely extremely limit access to “A” building for part/much of the off-season (impacting rents and existing reservations), and residents of “A” may need to live elsewhere during parts of the work. Window replacement will require color and style selection including requirement to meet current building codes. Window replacement will also have an impact inside the condo. This work will not be convenient, but we have to repair the buildings.

We have asked Mott-MacDonald for a proposal to prepare the bid packages, oversee the bidding process, and oversee the work; and barring a major issue with the insurance company which could delay starting any work, my expectation is that we will proceed with “A” Building repairs this fall. We need to start now/soon to have a bid package ready to go out to contractors on/about June 15.

Bob Reeves

HOA President

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