Hurricane Michael Claim Update

It has been about 3 weeks since my last update, so, not much to report, but there is some additional information that is probably of interest.

The insurance company has completed the inspections in mid to late July, and are awaiting the reports from their experts. The insurance company request for information regarding prior work on our buildings has been put together, and sent to the insurance company, so now they should have everything that they need to evaluate and respond to our claim. I communicated with our Public Adjuster this morning for a status update. Mr. Garrett responded that the Head Adjuster is pushing for a response for us in the next couple of weeks. This process has not moved along very fast, so I am not optimistic, but we can hope for the best. Once we have the insurance company response, then we will likely have decisions to make.

The Board approved Phoenix Coatings to return to update some of the earlier mitigation work on the outside of the buildings. That work was completed last month.

The street side railing replacements on 4th and 8th floors of “A” Building are not acceptable, and are being replaced at no additional cost to the Moonspinner.

I encourage the Homeowners to vote “Yes” on both of the proxy questions. We anticipate that we may be replacing street side windows, and we would like to change the color to white.

The August committee meetings, Board of Directors meeting, and Annual Homeowners meeting are next week, August 22, 23, and 24. I encourage Homeowners to attend if possible, and otherwise to join the meetings by phone.

Also, as I reported in the last update, John Craig and I are preparing to move forward with the replacement of our building roofs. We will meet with Mott-MacDonald Engineers next week to discuss specifications. We have their proposal to do the bid forms, oversee the bidding process, and to oversee/inspect/approve the project work. I expect to ask the Board to approve this at the August 23rd meeting so we can move forward.

We will start some conversation at the Board meeting regarding all of the issues that we have with the building repairs ….. and there is quite a bit to consider.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for listening.

Bob Reeves

HOA President

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