Hurricane Michael Claim Update

We have some significant activity about to happen in July, so it is appropriate to let everyone know what to expect.

First, it was my understanding that the insurance company had not officially responded to our claim, and now Mr. Garrett has advised me that I misunderstood what he had told me. The insurance company response was that they did not accept or reject our claim pending further investigation. This was a part of the initial letter from the insurance company’s law firm, and apparently meets the 60 day timeframe requirement.

Recently the insurance company has requested the Moonspinner approval to be onsite for a week for inspection/verification of our claim. So, over the past few days, the insurance company adjuster (Kevin Forman, who is back on our claim) and Pat Garrett, have been working to agree on a week when everyone is available. The calendar week that they have settled on, and that we have agreed to, is the week of July 15. Our public adjuster, Pat Garrett, will be at the Moonspinner for that entire week.

Mr. Forman and his lead inspector/engineer will arrive on Sunday night so they can be at the Moonspinner early on Monday, July 15, to prepare/plan for the inspections. The rest of the team will arrive at the Moonspinner on Tuesday morning, and expect to finish by close of business on Friday, July 19. They are planning to inspect all aspects of our claim including complete inspection of the outside of our buildings, as well as inspection of the inside of most, if not all, condos. We know this may be an inconvenience for our guests, but it is absolutely necessary, and we trust that everyone will be understanding and cooperative.

As mentioned in the last update, we need to rework some of the patches on the buildings as a part of our mitigation work. Phoenix Coatings submitted a not-to-exceed cost which Board has approved, so Phoenix will be working on the buildings also during the month of July. At this time, it is not known exactly when Phoenix will start, or if their equipment will be used by the insurance inspectors during their inspection activities. This has not been worked out yet.

There is quite a bit to consider regarding the repair work to the buildings ….. including exactly what to do, what to do first, what order to do it, etc, etc, etc ….. and how it affects the rental program and our guests reservations ….. all to be considered. Some of these issues will need to at least be mentioned at the August Board meeting for further consideration, but ultimately we will be waiting on the insurance company to settle our claim before moving forward.

That’s the update for now. Happy July 4th, and thanks for listening.

Bob Reeves

HOA President

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