Hurricane Insurance Claim Update

Things are happening, progress is being made – albeit slowly - so here is the latest on the Hurricane Michael insurance claim and associated building repair efforts.

As reported in my last update, we received our claim from NAIC in mid-May. It was presented to the Board, approved by the Board, and signed and submitted back to NAIC on May 18. NAIC submitted it to the insurance company via email that afternoon. The insurance company adjuster immediately scheduled a visit to the Moonspinner, and was on property with his two consultants on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 28 and 29.

Following this visit, the insurance company adjuster that we had dealt with since the hurricane (Kevin Forman) was apparently removed from our claim review, and our claim was kicked up to a higher level in the insurance company.

The insurance company hired a law firm to review our claim, and NAIC received a lengthy letter from that firm on/about June 17 stating, among other things, a long list of information requests. These requests included copies of Board minutes, building permits, and billing from work done on our buildings in the past. Debbie Wheeler and Matthew Nelson have completed furnishing the information that we have on file, and the contractors that we have worked with in the past have most helpful in putting together this information. Pat Garrett is furnishing some of the other information, including telling the law firm that the information that they have requested is either included in the claim that we submitted, or is public record.

My understanding from Mr. Garrett is that these latest events do not change the fact that the insurance company is to officially respond to our claim within 60 days of the May 18 submittal date. Mr. Garrett also advises that the hiring of a law firm is not unusual in a large claim, and should not be cause for concern.

So we are currently waiting on insurance company response – patience, patience, patience!

We are also awaiting the response from Mott-Macdonald Engineers about ideas for roof replacement. I spoke with Tommie Pitts yesterday, and he advised that was forthcoming soon. During our discussion, I also asked him to prepare a cost proposal to prepare a roof bid package, supervise the bidding process, and oversee the work, so we will have that proposal in-hand when we are ready to proceed with roof replacement – likely the first work that we will do.

Unfortunately, we will need to repair/replace our building outside wall patches. This will be considered mitigation work, and so the costs will be added to the insurance claim. John Craig and I agree that we have to do that work to protect the buildings. Before approving that, we communicated with Pat Garrett to learn when he thought the claim might be settled, and he thinks at least 6 months from now (Merry Christmas !). We have also asked Phoenix Coatings for a cost, since they did the first patches.

That’s the update for now.

Bob Reeves,

HOA President

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