Hurricane Claim Update, Election Notice, and more!

Hurricane Claim Update: There is not much to report regarding our progress with the insurance claim, but I am sure that we are all getting a bit impatient - I know I am - so I just wanted to update everyone on what is happening.

The public adjuster that we hired - NAIC - delivered our claim to us for review shortly before our May 18 Board meeting. At that meeting the Board voted to submit it to the Insurance Company, and that was done via email the afternoon of Saturday, May 18. The insurance adjuster acknowledged receipt of the claim on Monday, May 20, and immediately scheduled a visit to the Moonspinner on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 28 and 29. The adjuster, and his 2 associates, spent most of those two days at the Moonspinner. We have not heard anything from them since that visit. By law, they have 60 days to respond to our claim, and we have no idea what they may come back with.

Meanwhile, we have Mott-Macdonald Engineers reviewing our roofs to make suggestions for improvements before we start the bidding process for new roofs. Everyone is in agreement that the roofs will be the first item that we will address, but at this time we are hesitant to start any bidding processes until we have a better understanding of how the insurance company will treat our claim.

I am pleased with the work done on the property since the hurricane - some permanent fixes, and some temporary mitigation work - but we certainly have much work left to do. At this point, it is in our best interest to be patient, and let the insurance company address our claim.

I will be back to the Homeowners with more information whenever I have something more to report.

Thanks for listening, Bob Reeves


First Notice of 2019 Annual Meeting and Election of Directors Please click HERE for more info.

******* OTHER INFO ********

A few other things to make you aware of (if you aren't already).

  • We will be having an owners get together the weekend of the Owners' meeting (August 24th). Look for details in the coming weeks!

  • The new beach ramp looks AMAZING and is being used by our summer guests and owners. Our beach chair service provider is also supplying a mat for anyone in a wheelchair, so they can get from the ramp down toward the water. A very nice feature for the property! (Plus, no more dragging your wheeled cooler down the steps!)

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