Annual Owners' Meeting 2019: Update

If you didn't attend owners' week you missed a fun time. Hope you will make plans for 2020.

Here's a brief update!

2019-2020 Board Members New Board Members took office on August 24th. Click HERE to see a list, officers, and committee chairs.

2019-2020 Meeting Schedule

Click HERE for the upcoming HOA meeting dates planned for the next term.

New Signage

The Communications Committee is reviewing signage needs on the property. If you've thought "there should be a sign here," or "that sign needs to be updated" here's your chance to share your ideas. Please email with a (brief) description of the need by October 1, 2019. Thanks for your help!

Sliding Doors

Next time you are on property, take a look at your sliding doors and check for the smoothness of opening/closing. Many times sand gets in the tracks and causes the doors to be loud and difficult to open and close. Please remove sand to keep your door working properly. Periodic maintenance for new rollers is sometimes needed. The maintenance staff will be working on a schedule for review, but it's always a good idea for you to check from time to time and put in a work order if removing sand doesn't help the issue.

Here's the Key

Our original unit door locks were installed in the 1980's and the original keys were given to owners and guests. Over time, people have lost keys and copies are made, and copies of the copies have been made. Each time a key is copied the 'exactness' (is that a word?) of the key is lost by a tiny fraction. We are running into the issue with newly cut keys not working, because over time this tiny fraction has added up. If this is the case it may be time to update your lock. The maintenance team is looking into the options of getting new locks installed throughout the property.

If you participated in our 2019 Owner's weekend, THANK YOU!

We would love your feedback on the weekend.

Please click HERE to take a short survey.

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