Owner Committees

The Home Owners' Association supports a number of committees that focus on community needs. Committee Chairs serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. 

Owners are encouraged to participate in areas where they can bring their personal talent to add value for the greater good of the Moonspinner family. 


Please click HERE if you are interested in serving on a committee.

Building Committee

Chair: John Craig (Unit 606)

The Building Committee oversees large and small infrastructure projects, as well as keeps the property within all code requirements. Owners with construction, engineering, electrical, structural knowledge are needed - as well as owners who are willing to dive into the details of large projects. 

Communications Committee

Chair: Alisa Collins (Unit 804)

The Communications Committee works to facilitate the flow of information to the owners from the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and the Management team; manages the Owner's website, email messages, newsletters, etc. It also works to update our communications and processes with better/newer technology. Owners with technical skills, writing, and organizational skills are needed on this committee.

Finance Committee

Chair: Debbi Jennings (Units 606, 805)

The finance committee focuses on short-term and long-term finances, revenue, cash flow, etc. of the Moonspinner Association. Owners with an interest or talents in finance, accounting, banking, taxes, etc. would be well suited for this committee.

Landscape Committee

Chair: Paul Defenderfer (Units 614)

The landscape committee works to make the grounds of the Moonspinner beautiful. The committee works with vendors and does hands on work to keep the place looking nice. If you have a green thumb, this is the committee for you.

Personnel Committee

Chair: Bill Danka (Unit 104, 106, 109)

This committee was formed in 2021 to assist with the structure of our paid staff, to give direction on duties needed and expected, and other personnel issues. Owners with staff management, property management, and willingness to pitch in and learn would be a good fit for this committee.

Rental Committee

Chair: Lee Mullen (Unit 401)

The Rental Committee focuses on the on-site rental program (strategic and tactical operations) and promotion of the program. This committee is a mix of owners who rent themselves and those that rent through the on-site program. The Rental program covers many side projects, so there is something for everyone! 

Social Committee

Chair: Angie Dawson (Unit 115)

The Social Committee was formed in 2021 to assist with events and activities to build a stronger collaborative atmosphere within the community. Owners who either have a background in event planning or simply enjoy social activities would fit well with this committee.