About the HOA

The Moonspinner consists of 162 units across our three residential buildings. The units consist of two bedroom flats, two bedroom townhouses, three bedroom flats, and penthouse units on the top floor. 


A General Manager, who is hired by a Home Owner Association (HOA) Board of Directors, handles all day-to-day activities and oversees our on-site staff of office, maintenance, and security personnel.


If you plan to rent your unit, our onsite Rental Program is the easiest way to handle the complications of the rental transactions. You can learn more about the program on this site.


You may be fully knowledgeable about the workings of HOA's and condominium associations already, but if not, condos are governed by a comprehensive framework of state rules and regulations. Each association also adds specific documents to better meet the needs of their community.

An HOA Board of Directors exists to consider the policy, building maintenance, and financial concerns of condo properties. In our case, homeowners elect six Directors-at-Large and one building Director (for each of our three buildings) to our Board of Directors. These nine directors make up the Moonspinner Board. Terms for our Directors at Large positions are two years, and terms for our Building Directors is one year. Each year, at the annual Owners Meeting (usually held in August), owners vote to fill open positions. Immediately after the board members elect their officers. Therefore President, Vice-president, Treasurer, and Secretary are annual positions and can change year to year.

Board members bring their own areas of expertise and interest, but all share a desire to do what is right for Moonspinner owners. Under the auspices of the board, we have Building, Finance, Communications, and Rental committees. Committee members do not have to be Board of Director members. Committee meetings are typically held the day before a Board Meeting.

We encourage you to attend (physically or via conference call) our Board of Director and Committee meetings, as well as the annual Owner Meeting. We also hope you will consider contributing your talent and time for a board or a committee position in the future.


As a new owner, you should have a copy of the Moonspinner 'Condo Documents'. If not, they can be found on this site. Generally, they outline the governance of the complex as well as rules and regulations to help us all be good neighbors. After reviewing, if you have questions about our rules and regulations, please contact the General Manager or a Board member. They will be happy to explain the rules, how they have evolved and why they are in place


We hope that you will come to love Moonspinner as much as we do.